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Who Needs a Professional When There's
I should have used sooner! Its templates can create sleek and elegant labels that is equivalent to paying professionals thousands of dollars to do it! Highly recommended!
Bragging on my labels
My clients love the professional look, they almost can't believe I print them at home. So thankful I found Online Labels!
rave review!
I can't thank Online Labels enough. Everything from their website, products, shipping and most importantly, customer service is top notch. I only use Online Labels, I wish other companies followed their lead. This is a real customer too!
Great Service!
Online Labels has great customer service. Even when my order came to me with the wrong labels, they corrected the error immediately at no expense to me. Thank you!
Amazing Products!
Great service!!!
Online labels has the best selection of labels and at the very best prices.
Fast service & shipping-excellent product
I needed waterproof labels for my liquid soap bottles. I needed something that my home printer could easily print on and where the ink would not run on the labels. The weather proof labels were perfect for this task. I placed my order on a Friday and by Monday I had my labels. Very fast processing and shipping. I will be ordering many more labels from you in the future!
Weatherproof Gloss Inkjet
This is the most amazing paper for labels on my bath and body products. You can keep your products in the shower and the ink does not run....the label stays perfect! ONLINELABELS has made my life so much easier.....THANK YOU!
Exactly Whay I Need Every Time!
Online Labels has delivered for me every time. Between the wide variety of labels available to meet my needs for graduation parties, Bar Mitzvahs and weddings to the great customer service to the awesome on-line Maestro designer, they have made putting that extra special touch on everything I do so easy! I also love that you can buy just the quantity you need and that the website is so easy to navigate. I am a repeat repeat customer as a result!
Online Labels
The labels are high quality at a reasonable price. Maestro Designer is easy to use once you get the hang of it. When you do have a question, the support is amazing. They are quick to answer your questions and are very knowledgeable and friendly. So glad I found this site.
Weatherproof Matte Inkjet
I love the Weatherproof Matte Inkjet, you are the only place I will purchase these ever again. I am on my 5th order. I wanted to show you a label that I recently found out in the garden. I admit, it doesn't look great, but heck, it's been out in the elements for well over a year, it's been rained on, snowed on, stepped on, stuck in the dirt, knocked over, and laying on the dirt, and it does show wear, but you can still read the description and see the photo (a bit). Your labels are truly impressive!
So Happy to find
As an owner of a small indie biz- its so refreshing to find something that meets my modest pricepoint. I have had a number of transactions with online labels and each one has gone smoothly. I am a customer for life!
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