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Product and shipping
I have had so many problems with other vendors getting me the correct product in a timely fashion. The shipping back of the wrong labels and waiting for the right labels was not good for my business. I am so glad I found I place my order online and get the correct product shipped to me in a few days. And the price is so much cheaper than the other vendors. I would highly recommend to anyone needing labels!
I get my product quickly! No matter how big or small. Lots to pick from. I go no where else for my labels. Like when they send me $ off coupons...
reliable as always
I am a longtime customer and rely on Onlinelabels products to be quickly at my door. They never disappoint me! Thank you for your great product, extensive selection, and reliable delivery! :O)
Online Label Review
I use Online Labels for creating my home brew beer bottle customized labels to give to family and friends. The variety of designs, creative applications and features make this truly a work of art for me. I have been a satisfied user for over 2 years and have found no other label maker to equal Online Labels.
Label Source of Choice
I have done business with Online Labels for nearly two years, and they are now the only label supplier I work with. I am quite satisfied with their product inventory, pricing, and support.
Love the Templates
Since we switched to Online Labels from one of the brand name products, we are loving it. The free templates that is offered by Online Labels are easy to use and make our products look neat.
Incredible Customer Service
Since I discovered Online Labels, I have always used them for all my label needs. I am a graphic artist, helping small businesses and non-profits. Their incredible selection of sizes and stocks makes finding the right product for the purpose easy. Never a complaint from a client. But now, they've gone beyond any request. I have a client that I promised I'd try to deliver some labels before I leave town next Thursday (the 8th). I ordered on Wednesday, the 31st, hoping that standard shipping would get there on time. I missed the deadline by 20-minutes and was disappointed that I had read the clock wrong and that they wouldn't ship until January 2nd. What a surprise when I logged in this morning and the tracking information shows that USPS had picked up the order on the 31st "by request." On top of that, your company paid for 2-day priority mail. So, when I was hoping to get the labels by the 7th, it looks like I'll have them on January 3rd! This is one reason I will continue to purchase from OnlineLabels. They have once again performed beyond expectations. Thank you!! You make me look good.
Great Company
Online Labels is a great company. Their prices are good and they send coupons which are greatly appreciated. Always fast shipping and maestro makes it so easy to design and print. The bonus is that it's a local company and I try to shop local whenever possible. Thank you for your great service!
I've always enjoyed the labels from online labels but was frustrated with Word and never having everything perfect until I tried Maestro. With Word it looked fine on the computer but was always off and I wasted so many sheets of labels. I can't flippin believe how easy and perfect the process of making labels has become. Also the fact you can access your account from anywhere is amazing. The customer support is fantastic too. Thank you for taking the nightmare of label making away.
Great Service + Products
I make soap, bath, and body products. OL has a wonderful selection of waterproof labels for my scrubs, etc. Also, their customer service is soooo good. Each time I've called with very detailed questions, the staff answers them with proficiency. Love this company!
I have been ordering from Online labels for a while now. I have always received shipments quickly and in excellent shape. I love the quality of the labels I have received as well. One of the best things about them though is the Maestro label creator. I LOVE it! I have perfectly templated labels now, the directions are easy to follow, and my labels come out very professional in appearance. Thanks so much!!!!
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