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Customer Service
I'm am just starting out with my business and unfortunately made an error in what I needed and ordered the wrong items. Online Labels amazing customer service helped me find the right items and allowed me to exchange the items for the I really needed quickly and effortlessly! I will always use Online Labels from now on! Thank you!
great service
I use a lot of different companies for my supplies but online never fails to impress me. Their fast shipping and low prices makes owning my own company enjoyable.
I can't say enough about this program. Along with the blank labels that I purchase from Online Labels this program has allowed me to design and produce lots of wonderful stickers including address labels, onesie stickers, Hershey kiss stickers, jar labels, etc. It is a valuable tool and would be lost without it. Thank you for quality labels and a wonderful design tool "Maestro". Gillian
Labels/ Maestro
I not only use and order your labels on a regular basis, but I love Maestro. I design all my own labels and your design site is wonderful. I would like the rectangle and/or circle to add to my labels, though. It would finish the labels nicely. I tried the line, but it is not very good to work with. You all do a great job.......... Thank you.....Lou O'Brien
Professional Labels
We've been using the glossy inkjet labels for four years on our candles. They look professional and never smear. Couldn't be more pleased with Online Labels!
I converted to online labels after using avery labels for awhile. The design software is way superior and the prices are better. I love it!
No Problem!
I love this company because if you ever order the wrong item just send it back no questions asked. I also love the variety of labels & being able to create on my own. Thank you!
Labels for Zippo Lighter Boxes
I was looking for a way to add some zest to the plain black Zippo cardboard boxes and found your website. We specialize in licensing artwork of pinup artists for our exclusive line of collectible Zippo lighters. Now we use the labels for most all of our designs. Many thanks and glad we found you!
Labels & Customer Support
After having a big issue of not being able to correctly designing my labels as a first time user of Maestro Designer. I had to throw away several sheets because of this after being in contact with Steve B. he has really had the patience of a saint for helping me. I get impatient because I always want things to go perfectly and that does not always happen so I made mistakes. I am still not a pro but I can now use the designer much easier & quicker.
Love it
Great website, fast delivery, great price and excellent quality. What more could you want?
Great Service-Great Products
You have every size imaginable. When I think of a project to do, you always have what I need. Very prompt service also. Thanks!
Who Needs a Professional When There's
I should have used sooner! Its templates can create sleek and elegant labels that is equivalent to paying professionals thousands of dollars to do it! Highly recommended!
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