How to Create Customized Gift Tags For Gifts

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Making personalized gift tags for all you gifts adds a special touch to a special gift. makes it easy and fun to create custom gift tags for any occasion.


Choose the gift tag application that is right for you. A few of our suggested labels for gift tags are the OL160, OL875, and OL157.
Next you will need to figure out what will be included on your label. A few suggestions are who the gift is for, who the gift is from and a small message to celebrate the occasion.
Once you have defined the label contents, you can easily create your gift tags in Maestro Label Designer. We also have templates that can be used such as Adobe.
After you have placed the information on your gift tag and any accompanying designs, you are ready to print.
We always suggest printing out a test page to ensure your labels are correctly aligned and ready for print.
Once you have determined that your label is ready, simply load your laser or inkjet printer with your cardstock and print.
Now you have a quality gift tag certain to add a personalized touch.

Tips & Tricks

  • Using a hole punch is an easy and effective way of making a hole in the cardstock. This will enable you to insert any ribbon or string.
  • Choosing a more adhesive gift tag can ensure the tag will stay on. More traditional gift tags have a higher chance of coming off and getting lost.

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