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Good Thymes Bath & Body

Customer Spotlight: Good Thymes Bath & BodyWe recently took some time to spotlight one of our loyal customers, Good Thymes Bath & Body, to see how our labels have helped their business.

Apricot Mango Bath Butter

Good Thymes Bath & Body makes a variety of products, such as handmade soaps, face & body products, moisturizing products and much more! All of the products are made fresh on their farm (in small batches by hand) with the highest quality of natural, wholesome ingredients. With all this hard work Good Thymes Bath & Body needed a way to show off its products with some creative packaging, so they turned to “I have been an customer for a number of years and use many different labels for a variety of our packaging,” says Cheryl Niemela, owner of Good Thymes Bath & Body.

Honeydew LavendarLooking for a company that offered an affordable price without compromising quality, Cheryl found the perfect partner in “I decided to print the labels on my own to keep the cost down on packaging. With the help of a very gifted graphic designer (so gifted she's worked for Martha Stewart), they look like professionally printed labels!” Cheryl adds.

The labels proved so versatile that they were used on an assortment of Good Thymes Bath & Body products - “We use for our soap, milk baths, bath fizzies, bath butter, body cream, foot soak and facial masques.”

Oatmeal Lavendar Facial Masque

Cheryl also knew how important the right label material is when it comes to creating a 'feel' for the packaging. “Most of the labels are a white gloss material, with the exception being our soap labels, which are printed on clear matte (OL800CJ).”

Good Thymes Bath & Body, like many of our customers, created attractive packaging using high quality labels, without stretching their budget. If you feel like you’re using labels in a compelling way, please send an email with a picture to for a chance to be included in our next customer spotlight.

For further information on Cheryl and her company, please visit Good Thymes Bath & Body.
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