Top 10 Ways Can Help Your Business Grow

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Business cards

1. Business Cards

Consider them your second ‘first impression.’ When leaving a business card with a potential customer, they often do the talking for you, so making sure they look and feel great, is almost as important as what they say. Fortunately, we’ve made buying, designing and printing your own business cards easier (and cheaper) than ever! All of our business cards are micro perfed and come on the brightest, whitest cardstock on the market to give you an absolutely professional - looking business card. Using Maestro Design Software, you can design and print them right from your home or office, without paying any unnecessary fees.

Mailing Labels

2. Mailing Labels

You take the time to make sure your products look great, so don’t overlook how you’re sending them! At, you’ll find mailing labels and shipping labels in a variety of colors and materials in almost every size. We carry the internet’s largest selection of USPS labels, standard address labels, return address labels, eBay shipping labels and Click-N-Ship compatible labels…along with the templates you need to get them done right!

Thank You Cards

3. Thank You Cards

Nothing sends a better message to your customers than a thank you card. With our brand new edition of cardstock, you will be able to display your gratitude. A thank you card is an inexpensive, yet effective way to show appreciation for your customers. All of our thank you cards come 2 per sheet, and can be designed exclusively to your specifications. The thank you cards are all vertically scored along the center and horizontally perforated to give you a perfect fold every time. The cardstock thank you cards are also easily designed directly from our site with Maestro Label Designer.

Free Templates

4. Free Templates

Sometimes you just need to get your labels designed and printed quickly. That's why has a large selection of label templates available for all our standard label sheet configurations. These templates are provided free of charge to customers of Regardless of what size or type of label you are printing, our templates can help you create eye-catching labels. Having the flexibility to download free templates is just another way helps you manage your time.

Label Material Selection

5. Selection is well aware that not every business may have the same needs, and our selection is just another way we provide a formidable amount of labeling options. We offer you over 31 different materials in over 130 different sizes. Our labels are used on a variety of products, from bottles to candles to even medical supplies. Even if you can’t find the label you’re looking for in our standard sizes, let us know, and we’ll work with you to provide a custom quote that suits your budget.

Door Hanger Advertisements

6. Door Hanger Advertisements

Whether you are launching a new product, starting a new business or could just use some exposure, a door hanger advertisement can help. Our door hanger advertisements, available from our brand new cardstock selection, can spread the word of your products or services and begin building your brand image. It’s also a useful tool in spreading the word fast and over a large vicinity.

File Folder Labels

7. File Folder Labels

Staying organized is normally easier said than done, but if you’re a small business owner, staying organized is a must. File folder labels can help you keep track of all your important documents and paper work. Whether you need to store important financial papers or organize customer information, file labels can help make less of clutter.

No Minimum Orders

8. No Minimum Orders

Not sure which label is right for your business? Well, before you spend hundreds on large quantities, you can easily purchase one sheet, or two sheets or five sheets since we have NO MINIMUM ORDERS. This means even the smallest of businesses with the smallest labeling needs only has to buy what they’re going to use!

Lowest Label Prices Guaranteed

9. Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

Being a small business means having a budget, and can help keep you under that budget, while letting you focus on where else you can spend your coin. Since we’re the manufacturer, we’re able to offer factory direct pricing on all of our labels. What does this mean for you? Savings of 40-90% over similar labels from an office supply store or competitor.

10. Maestro Design Software

Forget buying and downloading expensive design software to help you create labels. When you purchase labels with us, you receive FREE access to Maestro Label Designer! Maestro Label Designer gives you the ability to choose a template, create, save, and print your designs. Maestro works with all of our label configurations, with no downloads necessary!

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