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The Print Shop® Label Software Review

Information Provided From Broderbund®: Print Shop Home & Office label software is great for an at home project or for use in office. Whether you are addressing envelopes, organizing diskettes or want to create eye-catching CDs, almost any project can benefit from custom label design. And it doesn’t get any simpler than The Print Shop Home & Office Labels, where you’ll find more than 900 easy label templates to meet every need. Simply pick a label template, then customize it with art and graphics, special fonts, headlines – even personal photos! Create the perfect design with a library of more than 60,000 quality graphics and art images. Choose from more than 280 stylish fonts. Enhance your label designs with personal photos. A complete integrated Photo Workshop even allows easy photo correction and eye-catching artistic effects! This is not an endorsement of The Print Shop® and Broderbund®. We do not sell or service this software.

  • Gives you all the tools you need to design and publish professional business materials, Web pages, and more
  • Includes 22,000 pre-designed project templates, 850 fonts, and more than 400,000 premium images, including 2,500 Getty images
  • Advanced HTML features include dynamic web templates, rollover effects, hotspots, online form creation and spell check

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I agree with all of the negative comments above. I loved the old Print Shop and used it for years. I bought a separate computer that runs XP so that I could continue to use it. I don't know what I will do when that computer dies (as they all do eventually) Meanwhile, I have Print Shop 3.0 Deluxe on my Window 7 computer and I don't have the words to express how much I hate it. They don't even bother to answer questions, referring you instead to their forum -- let the poor users do their job!!
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The worst program ever....a HUGE waste of money and time. Completely agree with all the negative comments above. NO STARS!
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wish i could put less than one star. have used print shop for approx. ten years. upgraded to 3.5 and i am not even able to type ONE label for file folders. the option in print preview misleads you into thinking you are going to start on a certain label and print as many as you want, but that is most certainly not the case. you end up wasting ink, label sheets, and become frustrated and dismayed.
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I hate this program. I have used several older versions with no problem. I am very upset that I wasted my money on the 3.5 pro. I have already decided to try another program and going to uninstall the 3.5 pro, it is a waste of computer space and money.
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I would put zero, but once you hit one star you can't go back. This issue of Print Shop is so incredibly disappointing. It is anything BUT user-friendly, something I liked about previous versions of Print Shop. I am using a version of Print Shop for Mac on my home computer and bought Print Shop 3.5 for work. It is impossible to do things like print only one label and customer service and technical support is non-existent. Believe the reviews on this page and DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!
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ugh, I hate this program, to complicated, and to frustrating...:O(((
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I read so much horrible stuff about the Print Shop 3.5, and I've refused to even try it. I still use my favorite old standby awesome program Print Shop v. 22. To use any label that OnlineLabel offers, open PS, click Tools, Click Custom Paper Wizard, Click New Custom Paper, then enter in all the dimensions for your label according to the decimal value of each parameter given by OnlineLabels under More Specs. I did 9 different labels and they all turned out great. It takes a bit of hard thinking on the first couple label sheet dimensions, but it all works out. In More specs, you may have to change a fraction to a decimal, just divide the top number by the bottom, using a calculator the hit the = sign, BOOM!! A decimal! Easy? No? Yesssss...
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Very disappointed with this version of print shop. I've been a faithful user of print shop for years and just updated to version 3 thinking it would be an even better program and I'm totally frustrated and annoyed.
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Print Shop used to be easy to use. In Print Shop 3 everything changed and is made so complicated. I regret buying it. Templets don't do what they are set for. Who wants to spend hours on a greeting card?

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