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CD Label Software®

Information Provided From AMF Software®: Now you can create your own professional CD and DVD jewel cases and CD and DVD labels in just minutes. It works with any type of paper or CD label including centered label sheets. It's easy to make both front and rear CD jewel case covers with side spines, CD booklets, as well as CD labels--all in one package. This program can also make DVD labels. This is not an endorsement of CD Label Software® AMF Software®. We do not sell or service this software.

  • Supports all major brand printers and label paper
  • The simplest way to personalize CDs and DVDs - guaranteed.
  • Automatically import artist, album and song information
  • Autofit technology to automatically arrange label text - easy to use!
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User Reviews:

I have tried to contact AMF by email and snail mail. I have been trying for two years to get the cd that I bought and I still have not received a reply from them. I am now considering going to the FBI to get some action.
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The cd label maker software is good but AMF tech support is lousy. I purchased full version then lost it when I had a serious computer crash due to viruses, etc. Have been trying for last 3+ months to get info from them on how to get full version without purchasing it again. From my several emails (at least 6) I have never received one reply. Service stinks. I have told them I want a refund and I'll use a competitors product.
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I cannot find a version that works with windows 7
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i like this software,it is good.
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free thanks
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I've used your CD/DVD labels for quite some time (OL5075). I am very happy with them. I have found them to be the least expensive of the labels I have looked at while comparing favorably to much higher cost products. Maestro Labels Designer, the free downloadable label software, makes it a cinch to use these labels on my home printer. Thank you for a great product!
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This label software is very useful for CD & DVD labels.
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I normally use MS Word software instead of special label software
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work good for me, for small job
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Good software, excellent labels, they stick well and are as good as anything Avery has and is a lot cheaper.
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